DJ MichaelAngelo Club Remixes



note: ARCHIVED WEBPAGE preserved for reference purposes only...has NOT been updated since 2011! for questions, contact email: djmichaelangelo (at) outl0ok (dot) c0m

    part bio, part explanation, part background information which some of you might find's me in a nutshell
    click here to listen to clips of some of my demo remixes - including megamixes, mashups, and original remixes
    click here for some new pictures, and some old ones too.  Marriage proposals, weight-loss jokes, and indecent propositions can be emailed directly to me
    click here for a huge list of every single remix in my collection, sorted by artist.  I've been collecting remixes for over 10 years, and this MS Word document includes mixes I have on 12" vinyl, import, promo, and retail CD's  - as well as unreleased tracks and B-sides for various artists and groups
    click here for a list of all the remixes I have on my computer (updated every couple months or so).  This is actually a Winamp playlist of all 31,000+ remixes, and much quicker loading time than the MS Word link above
    click here for a list of remixes I'm looking for (in MS Word format).  If you have any of them, please email me as I am always looking to trade!
    I took piano lessons from kindergarden to 8th grade, and taught myself how to play by ear on the side.  Click on this link for my YouTube page - over 120 videos of me playing various songs on the piano
    click here to read a short story I wrote several years ago.  This was supposedly based on true events, something which happened to me when I was a young child (or so I was told).  Kinda creepy ending though ...not for the faint of heart!
    click here for an alphabetical list of all the remixes I've personally done myself, from 1998 to 2007 (sorry I haven't had much time to update this lately)
    click here for a list of acapellas I have in my collection (this list has not been updated since 2003 and has probably tripled in size since then to several hundred)
    click here for a list of radio mixes I've edited.  These are long, full-length club mixes I took and edited down to radio length (3-4 minutes) as well as mixshow edits, etc
    click here for some picture scans of some of my CD and record collection - these are some of my prized, most cherished collectors items.  Make me an offer I can't refuse!
    Citizens Against Covance, a local volunteer group working to stop a corrupt animal-testing facility from building in our city.  I'm proud to be the co-webmaster, creator of our Myspace page, Yahoo Group admin, and former media contact