Demo Remixes

Click on any one of these to hear a sample of the remix done personally by myself, any questions contact  djmichaelangelo (at) outlo0k (dot) c0m

-- Mashup Remixes --

    vs. Kelly Clarkson "Because Of You" (Bermudez & Griffin Mix)
    vs. Aly & Fila "Eye Of Horus" (Ronski Speed Mix)
    vs. David Archuleta "Crush" (Nevins Instrumental)
    vs. Ashley Tisdale "It's Alright, It's OK" (Jason Nevins Dubstrumental)
    vs. Sarah Brightman "Harem" (Hex Hector Mix)
    vs. Lakisha Jones "Let's Go Celebrate" (Jody Den Broeder Instrumental)
    vs. Geri Halliwell "Calling" (Mauve Mix Instrumental)
    vs. Jennifer Hudson "Spotlight" (Johnny Vicious Club Instrumental)
    vs. LeAnn Rimes "Headphones" (Almighty Mix)
    vs. Donna Summer "I'm A Fire" (Solitaire Instrumental)
    vs. Kelly Price "Friend Of Mine" (Junior Vasquez Mix)
    vs. Kylie Minogue "Slow" (Extended Instrumental)
    vs. Mariah Carey "Butterfly" (Meme Club Mix Instrumental)
    vs. Dannii Minogue "Who Do You Love Now" (Future Breeze Instrumental)
    vs. Implicit "Every Breath You Take" (Almighty Mix)
    vs. 3am feat. Tracy Cole "Stars Are Blind" (Almighty Instrumental)
    vs. Steps "One For Sorrow" (Sleaze Sisters Anthem Instrumental)
    vs. Rihanna "S.O.S." (Moto Blanco Mix)
    vs. Erin Hamilton "The Flame 2008" (Manny Lehman Peak Hour Dubstrumental)
    vs. Madonna "Don't Tell Me" (Album Instrumental)
    vs. Geri Halliwell "Desire" (Shanghai Surprise Instrumental)
    vs. Kylie Minogue "Love At First Sight" (Ruff & Jam Instrumental)
    vs. Paula Abdul "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" (Oakenfold Mix)
    vs. Kelly Clarkson "Because Of You" (Jason Nevins Instrumental)
    vs. Madonna "Nothing Really Matters" (Club 69 Future Instrumental)
    vs. Jerry Springer Opera "I Just Wanna Dance" (Wayne G Circuit Instrumental)
    vs. Quad City DJ's "C'mon Ride The Train" (Original Instrumental)
    vs. Nicki French "I Surrender" (Shanghai Surprise Mix)
    inspired by Peter Rauhofer's "Toca's Miracle" mashup
    vs. Madonna "Hung Up" (SDP Dub)
    vs. Rick Astley "Never Gonna Give You Up" (Album Instrumental)
    vs. Jennifer Lopez "Do It Well" (Ashanti Boyz Instrumental)
    vs. Geri Halliwell "Look At Me" (Sharp Boys Dub)
    vs. Kelly Clarkson "The Trouble With Love Is" (Bermudez & Bertoldo Mix)
    vs. Madonna "Get Together" & "Future Lovers" (Confessions Tour Instrumentals)
    vs. Jamie Knight "Shut Up & Drive" (Almighty 12" Instrumental)
    vs. Deborah Cox "Who Do U Love" (Morales Classic Mix)
    vs. The Flirtations "Earthquake" (Almighty Definitive Instrumental)
    vs. Kylie Minogue "Step Back In Time" (Remix Instrumental)
    vs. Hilary Duff "With Love" (Vission vs. Aude Mix)
    vs. Madonna "Hanky Panky" (Album Version)
    vs. 4 Strings - Take Me Away (Purple Haze Remix)
    vs. Pink "You Make Me Sick" (HQ2 Big Room Mix)
    vs. Jamie Knight "2 Hearts" (Almighty 12" Instrumental)
    vs. Madonna "Music" (Album Instrumental)
    vs. Madonna "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" (Miami Mix)
    vs. Luther Vandross "Shine" (Freemasons Club Mix)
    vs. Emma Bunton "Free Me" (Dr. Octavo Seduction Mix)
    vs. Brokeback Mountain Theme (Moran & Rigg Mix)
    vs. Reba McEntire "You Keep Me Hangin' On" (Love To Infinity Classic Paradise Mix)
    vs. Jennifer Holliday "And I Am Telling You" (Almighty Definitive Mix)
    va. Dannii Minogue "Perfection" (Original 12 Inch Instrumental)
    vs. Madonna "Erotica" (Kenlou B-Boy Mix)
    vs. Sam Obernik "Stand Back" (Linus Loves Friday's Child Mix)
    vs. Janet Jackson "All For You" (Top Heavy Instrumental)
    vs. Madonna "Take A Bow" (Album Version Instrumental)
    vs. Madonna "Keep It Together" (Instrumental)
    vs. K-Rose "Unbreak My Heart" (Nu Era Salsa Instrumental)
    vs. Colton Ford & Pepper Mashay "Signed Sealed Delivered" (Mac Quayle Mix)
    vs. G&M Project "Sunday Afternoon" (Nu-NRG Mix)
    vs. Jessica Simpson "A Public Affair" (Instrumental)
    vs. Fantasia Burrino "It's All Good" (Scumfrog Mix)
    vs. Company B "Fascinated" (Instrumental)
    vs. Soft Cell "Tainted Love" (New Acapella)
    vs. Annie Lennox "Pavement Cracks" (Shanghai Surprise Mix)
    vs. Mason Williams "Classical Gas" (Album Version)
    vs. Suzanne Palmer "Hide U" (Thunderpuss Mix)
    vs. Tatjana "Santa Maria" (Harry Ola Instrumental)
    vs. Frankie Knuckles "The Whistle Song Revisited" (Extended Mix)
    vs. Faith Hill "Breathe" (Hex Hector Mix)
    vs. Mel C "I Turn To You" (Hex Hector Club Instrumental)
    vs. Ricky Martin "She Bangs" (HQ2 Club Mix)
    vs. Moulan Rouge "Lady Marmalade" (Thunderpuss Instrumental)
    vs. Taylor Dayne "Planet Love" (Friburn & Urik Mix)
    vs. D-Wave "I'll Be The One" (Dub 2 Club Mix)
    vs. Cher "Strong Enough" (Club 69 Future Anthem Mix)
    vs. Ab Fab "I Am Thin And Gorgeous" (Junior's Tribal Beats)
   vs. M-People "Itchycoo Park" (David Morales Club Mix)
    vs. Diana King "I Say A Little Prayer" (Love To Infinity Classic Mix)
    vs. Mary J. Blige "No More Drama" (Thunderpuss Mix)
    vs. Ian Van Dahl - Castles In The Sky (Absolom Mix)
    vs. Mariah Carey "My All" (Por Una Noche Mas Mix)
   vs. Filter "Take My Picture" (Club 69 Trance Mix)
   vs. Cyndi Lauper "Shine" (Tracy Young Mix)
    Calderone's 'Spressin' Himself Re-Remix 2004
   vs. Savage Garden "The Animal Song" (Hex Hector Club Mix)
   vs. Tori Amos "Professional Widow" (Armand Van Helden Mix)
   vs. LeAnn Rimes "Suddenly" (Riva Mix)
   vs. Spice Girls "Tell Me Why" (Thunderpuss Vocal Mix)
   vs. Golden Girls "Kinetic 99" (Jensen & Carter Remix)
   vs. Madonna "Hollywood" (Paul Oakenfold 12" Mix)
   vs. Hilary Duff "So Yesterday" (Thunderdub)
   vs. Reina "If I Close My Eyes" (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Mix)
   vs. Dannii Minogue "Everything I Wanted" (Trouser Enthusiasts Mix)
   vs. Emma Bunton "Maybe" (Illicit Dub)
   vs. Jody Watley "Waves Of Love" (Svenson & Gielen Mix)
   vs. Brenda K. Starr "Hold Me" (Richie Santana Trance Mix)
   vs. Dream "He Loves U Not" (HQ2 Club Mix)
   vs. Pet Shop Boys "Red Letter Day" (Trouser Enthusiasts Mix)
    vs. Deborah Cox "Absolutely Not" (HQ2 Instrumental)
   vs. Dannii Minogue "Who Do U Love Now" (Tall Paul Mix)
   vs. Dannii Minogue - Everything I Wanted (Xenomania 12" Mix)
   vs. Cyndi Lauper "Shine" (Illicit Mix)
   vs. Enrique Iglesias "Escape" (R.O.B. Can't Escape Dub)
   vs. Madonna "I'm So Stupid" (LP Version)

-- Original Productions --

    (piano only, non-quantized, never finished production)
    (string-a-pella / ballad version)
   (acoustic piano and vocals)
   (BIR-based rough demo)
   (new artist signed to HMSP Music label)
   (TP rough demo - added keyboards)
   (keyboard and vocals demo)
    (piano-pella, very rough demo)
    (me on piano - unmastered & unreleased)
    (MichaelAngelo Candlelight Demo)
    (composed by Danny Elfman, my rough piano demo)
    (instrumental demo - inspired by Warren Rigg's mix,
         sampled his beats and recreated everything else)

-- Megamixes --

   (completed March 2003)
   (completed December 2001)

-- Misc Stuff --

   (Karen's Freaky Club Mix)
   (US Minimix)
    (my final broadcast as on-air DJ - June 22, 2001)

-- Unfinished Projects --

   vs. Michael Jackson "Black Or White" (C&C House/Club Mix)
    vs. Christina Aguilera "What A Girl Wants" (Thunderpuss Fiesta Mix)
    vs. Madonna "Borderline" (Album Instrumental)
   vs. Madonna "Deeper And Deeper" (LP Version)
    vs. Marc Mysterio feat. Samantha Fox "Tomorrow" (Tony Verdult Dub)
    vs. Nicki French "I Surrender" (Shanghai Surprise Mix)
   vs. Grace - Skin On Skin (Oakenfold & Osbourne Orange Mix)
   vs. Jewel "Intuition" (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)
    vs. Kelly Price "Friend Of Mine" (Junior's Dance Mix)
   vs. Whitney Houston "It's Not Right But It's Okay" (TP2K Mix)
   vs. Kristine W "Letting Go" (Hani Mix)
   vs. Geri Halliwell "Bag It Up" (Yomanda Mix)
   vs. A Soho "Feel What You Want" (Noemi Remix)
    vs. Bananarama "Move On The Floor" (Yomanda Mix)
    vs. C&C Music Factory "Everybody Dance Now" (Master Mix Instrumental)
    vs. Colton Ford & Pepper Mashay "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" (Mac Quayle Mix)
    vs. LeAnn Rimes "But I Do Love You" (Ian VanDahl Mix)
    vs. Kylie Minogue "What Kind Of Fool" (LP Version Instrumental)
   vs. Jewel "Hands" (LP Version Instrumental)