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Acapella List

Paula Abdul:  Cold-Hearted -(Acapella/Instr)
Christina Aguilera:  Genie In A Bottle *(A capella)  4:16
             The Christmas Song *(A capella)  4:01
              What A Girl Wants (A capella)  3:37
Animotion:  Room To Move *(Percapella)  4:23
India Arie:  Video (Acapella)  4:00
Az Yet:  Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Acapella w/ Beats)  3:16
B-52's:  Love Shack (Acapella w/ Claps)  3:53
Backstreet Boys:  All I Have To Give (Acapella)  3:48
              Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely *(Remix Acapella)  3:50
Bjork:  Hyber-ballad *(Tom-a-Pella)  6:47
Mary J. Blige:  Family Affair (Acapella)  4:09
               Rainy Dayz (Acapella w/ Jay Z)  4:15
Brandy + Monica:  The Boy Is Mine (A Cappella)  4:30
Toni Braxton:  You're Makin' Me High (Acapella)  7:44
               Un-break My Heart *(Acapella)  3:45
                He Wasn't Man Enough *(Acapella)  4:22
                 I Don't Want To -(Acapella Reprise)  5:29
Mariah Carey:  One Sweet Day (Acapella)  4:48
               Sweethearat (Acapella)  4:22
                               (Eddie Arroyo Acapella)  3:41
                I Still Believe (Damizza Reemix A Cappella)  4:32
                My All (SoSo Def Acapella)  4:35
                Someday (Pianopercapella)   4:17
                Always Be My Baby (Groove A Pella)   7:15
                 Emotions (Johnny Vicious Acapella Clip)  2:30
                Anytime You Need A Friend (Stringapella)   4:49
                Boy [I Need You] (Acapella)  3:57
Belinda Carlisle:  Heaven Is A Place On Earth (The Voice Version)  3:54
Cher:  Song For The Lonely (Acapella)  6:29
             Believe (Acapella) 2:48
             Love And Understanding *(Stringapella Mix)  4:34
Jane Child:  Don't Wanna Fall In Love (Accapercapella) 4:31
Tina Cousins:  Nothing To Fear (Full Acapella Mix)  3:27
Deborah Cox:  Just Be Good To Me (Div-a-Pella)  6:32
Taylor Dayne:  How Many (Lead Acapella)  6:15
                How Many (Background Acapella)  3:19
                Tell It To My Heart -(Percapella)  3:21
                 Don't Rush Me -(Rushapella)  3:55
Deee-Lite:  Runaway (Runapella Beat)  4:46
Cathy Dennis:  Too Many Walls (Acappella)  4:03
              C'mon And Get My Love -(Acapella Mix)  3:40
              Touch Me All Night Love -(Rhodesapella)  4:06
Destiny's Child:  No No No (Acapella)  3:25
              Independent Woman (Acapella)  3:35
              Amazing Grace (Acapella)  2:15
Celine Dion:  My Heart Will Go On (Soul Solution Percapella)  4:16
               I Drove All Night (Acapella)  3:26
               My Heart Will Go On (Leanora DiCaprio Acapella)  3:30
                A New Day Has Come (Live Acapella Snippet)  0:15
Jocelyn Enriquez:  Big Love (A cappella)  4:10
               Do You Miss Me (Acapella)  1:57
Gloria Estefan:  Live For Loving You *(South Border Percapella)  4:43
              Don't Let This Moment End *(Hex Hector Acapella)  4:10
Everything But The Girl:  Driving (Todd Terry Acapella)  2:36
              Lullaby Of Clubland (Acapella)  3:35
Expose:  I Wish The Phone Would Ring -(Acapella)  3:21
Lara Fabian:  I Will Love Again (Hex Hector Acapella)  3:15
Samantha Fox:  I Only Wanna Be With You (Acapella Mix)  3:22
              Go For The Heart (Sexy Sox-A-Pella)   4:22
Funky Green Dogs:  Fired Up (Deep-apella)  2:05
Debbie Gibson:  Shake Your Love (Bass A Pella)  3:34
               Out Of The Blue (Drumapella)  4:06
               Only In My Dreams -(Percapella Vocal)  3:29
Geri Halliwell:  Bag It Up *(Yomanda Acapella)  6:18
Erin Hamilton:  The Flame *(Rosabel Padapella)  6:22
Hanson:  I Will Come To You (Acapella)  4:12
Deborah Harry:  In Love With Love -(Debapella)  4:08
Faith Hill:  Breathe (Acapella)  3:31
Whitney Houston:  I Wanna Dance w/ Somebody *(Acapella Mix)  5:20
                 I'm Every Woman *(Acapella)  4:27
                Queen Of The Night *(Mackapella Mix)  5:21
                It's Not Right But It's Okay (Album Acapella)  4:29
                So Emotional *(The Voice Version)  4:10
                My Love Is Your Love *(Acapella)  3:52
                 Love Will Save The Day *(Acapella)  5:14
                  I'm Your Baby Tonight *(Whit-a-pella)  4:35
                Whatchulookinat (Acapella)  3:35
Adina Howard:  Freak Like Me (Acappella)  2:34
Information Society:  What's On Your Mind (Percapella)  4:09
Janet Jackson:  Control *(Acapella)  3:55
             Nasty -(Acapella)
              If *(Tee's Capella)  2:06
             Miss You Much (Acapella)  3:26
              When I Think Of You -(Dub/Acapella Version)
              That's The Way Love Goes (Macapella)  6:22
             What Have You Done For Me Lately *(Acapella Version)  2:19
             Alright -(Acapella)
             Go Deep (Masters At Work Flutapella)  4:36 
            The Pleasure Principle -(Acapella)
             Love Will Never Do Without You (Acapella)  3:50
Michael Jackson:  Scream *(Acapella w/ rap)  4:40
              Bad (A Cappella)  3:49
               You Are Not Alone (Jon B. Padappella)  6:55
               Jam -(The Acapella Mix)  4:31
             Stranger In Moscow *(Tee's Acapella)  0:56
              Butterflies (Original Acapella Demo)  2:12
              They Don't Care About Us *(Acapella)  4:00
               Billie Jean (Full Acapella)  4:54
               Leave Me Alone (Acapella w/ Album Noise)  4:09
K-Rose:  Un-break My Heart (Acapella)  4:40
Ke:  Strange World (Padapella)  6:07
Beyonce Knowles:  Work It Out (Acapella)  3:52
Kristine W:  Stand In Love (Hex-a-pella)  2:52
              Sweet Mercy Me (Acapella)  3:52
La Bouche:  In Your Life (Acapella Version)  4:05
Cyndi Lauper:  Disco Inferno (Soul Solution Acapella)  6:58
             Ballad Of Cleo & Joe *(Soul Solution Acapella)  7:12
Donna Lewis:  I Love You Always Forever (Drumapella)  5:11
Jennifer Lopez:  Waiting For Tonight (Hex Hector Acapella)  3:25
Sarah McLachlin:  Building A Mystery (Acapella)  3:16
Madonna:  Like A Prayer (Churchapella)  6:10
              What Can You Lose *(Acapella Demo)  1:44
                Deeper And Deeper (Album Version Acapella)  5:01
                              (Acapella - Madonna Vocals Only)  5:02
                              (Lead Vocal Acapella)  4:08
                 Secret (Album Acapella)  4:38
                Bedtime Story (Percapella)  6:31
                Sidewalk Talk -(Acapella)  4:58
                Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Strings/A Capella)  2:45
                 Fever *(Peggy's Nightclub Mix)  4:55
                 Buenos Aires (Acapella)  4:19
                  Frozen  (Acapella)  2:31
                               (Lola Cover Acapella)  3:45
                  Ray Of Light (Acapella Version)  6:41
                   Don't Tell Me (Filtered Acapella)  2:15
                   The Power Of Goodbye (Joanna Cover Version Acapella)  5:38
                    Music (HQ2 Acapella)  7:16
Billie Ray Martin:  Your Loving Arms *(A Cappella)  4:04
                 Running Around Town *(Percapalla)  8:00
                               (Drumapella)  7:58
Ricky Martin:  Maria (Percapella Mix)  5:08
                 Por Arriba, Por Abajo *(Acappella Mix)  6:54
Dannii Minogue:  This Is It (Acapella Version)  3:20
Kylie Minogue:  Can't Get You Out Of My Head
           (Superchumbo Volt-a-pella)  6:33
More Said:  Uninvited (Synthapella)  3:45
Demi Moore:  Do You Love Me  (Padepella)  1:22
Debelah Morgan:  Dance With Me *(A capella)  3:37
Mousse T:  Horny (A Cappella)  3:47
N-Sync:  O Holy Night (Acapella)  3:34
             Amazing Grace (Acapella)  4:28
No Mercy:  Where Do You Go (Acappella)  5:59
CeCe Peniston:  Finally *(Acapella)  6:08
Pink:  Most Girls (Acapella)  4:30
               Get This Party Started (Acapella)  2:57
               There You Go (Acapella Snippet)  0:39
Prince:  1999 (Acapella)  5:11
Quad City DJ's:  C'mon Ride The Train (A Cappella)  6:15
LeAnn Rimes:  Amazing Grace (Acapella Album Version)  4:06
Robin S:  I Want To Thank You *(Intro Acapella)  0:54
Rockell:  Can't We Try (Acappella)  4:02
Diana Ross:  Take Me Higher *(Acapella)  3:44
RuPaul:  Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get -(Acapella)  4:10
Savage Garden:  The Animal Song *(A Cappella)  3:39
Shannon:  Give Me Tonight (Hex Hector Accapella)  3:20
Shakira:  Whenever, Wherever (Acapella)  2:17
Jessica Simpson:  Irresistable (Riprock 'n' Alex G Main Acapella)  3:03
Britney Spears:  I'm A Slave 4U (Acapella)  3:22
Starship:  Beat Patrol -(Acapella)  6:01
Staxx Of Joy:  Joy (Love Joy's Stringapella)  3:51
Sweet Sensation:  Take It While It's Hot -(Percapella Mix)  4:54
               Sincerely Yours -(Acapella)  4:10
Dawn Tallman:  Wake Up *(Acapella)  3:15
Tamia:  Stranger In My House (HQ2 Club Mix Acapella)  5:00
Tina Turner:  When The Heartache Is Over *(Hex Hector Acapella)  4:08
Shania Twain:  Still The One (Soul Solution Percapella Dance Mix)  3:34
Tweet:  Oops [Oh My] (Acapella)  2:44
Vanilla Ice:  Ice Ice Baby (Acapella)  3:50
Suzanne Vega:  Tom's Diner (Acapella)  2:09
Veronica:  Someone To Hold *(Garage-a-pella)  7:01
                 [Let Me Go]  Release Me (A Cappella)  6:49
                 No One But You (Padapella)  3:24
Crystal Waters:  Gypsy Woman  [She's Homeless] (Acapella)  2:37
Jody Watley:  I Want You (Houseapella)  6:16
Karyn White:  Secret Rendezvous -(Bacapella)  6:01
Vanessa Williams:  The Comfort Zone (Comfortable Percapella) 5:29
DJ Wonder:  All Hail The Diva (Acapella)  3:51
                Live It Up (Acapella)  2:27
               Shout Out Loud (Acapella)  2:42
                Where Is The Feeling (Acapella)  4:30
                 Shine (Acapella)  3:51
                Feel Free (Acapella)  2:18
                 Deeper And Deeper (Acapella)  4:55
                 Sign Your Name (Acapella)  1:50
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